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Bordeaux School of public health • May 20th – June 28th, 2019

Course n°5 - Measurement and analysis of cost-effectiveness data (COST)

June 4th – June 5th, 2019

Fundamentals of cost measurement, the concept of utility and the methods to estimate it are covered by this course. Participants learn how to calculate and interpret an incremental cost-effectiveness ratio. The notion of incremental net benefit, and the methods (parametric and non-parametric) to estimate the cost-effectiveness probability will be introduced. The limits of a cost-effectiveness probability and the importance of value of information analyses to interpret cost-effectiveness results and inform decision-making will also be presented.

Upon completion of the course, participants learn how to: measure and interpret a cost; measure and interpret a QALY; estimate and interpret an incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; estimate and interpret an incremental net benefit and a cost-effectiveness probability; and conduct a value of information analysis and interpret its results.